Intercourse is just as complicated for a woman since it is for a man.

Countless ladies struggle to obtain flat sex-life going – the battle is much more of a guideline than an exemption.

Felicity Keith helps make some bold statements – she claims to make the man intimately obsess over you.

But The Language of want can help you accomplish far more. You can get your own man to give up porno, become more present during intercourse, and obtain him to only have their eyes on you.

I became skeptical to start with.

Who’s the feminine founder? Just how will be the program so popular and that I’ve never ever been aware of it? Can it in fact work?

Since I’ve journeyed through desired system, I can respond to these questions for you.

Here is a detailed overview that will help you decide if the book suits you.

Who’s Felicity Keith?

Felicity Keith could be the originator of sex and commitment plan The vocabulary of Desire.

Felicity humbly talks of herself as a single mommy in her own forties. The woman isn’t a sexpert or stripper, and she struggled with low self-esteem for a long time.

Missing the tools maintain the woman lover curious, 1 day, she chose to look for answers.

After mastering male psychology and seeing a sex-therapist, she decided to make some changes – in both the woman mind as well as in the bed room.

The techniques she utilized don’t merely boost the woman mental and mental wellness; additionally, it changed exactly how the girl lover Kevin taken care of immediately their.

The vocabulary of Desire is full of tips that a great deal of ladies around the world used to turn to their guy: in manners, he’s never experienced before.

Felicity happens to be an in-demand gender mentor, and a routine contributor at Digital Romance, Inc. – Michael Fiore’s company.

Language of want Review

The Language of Desire has actually ten segments, and every component features sub-modules that cover a number of methods. As a whole, this program explains 33 methods to cause relationship.

After every module, you will find local big tit milfs a worksheet that will help you use and exercise everything you’ve discovered.

The book successfully provides you with a step-wise plan to spice up your sexual life.

The Language of want explains sexual therapy, providing the ability to hypnotize your own man – throughout and out of the sack.

Listed below are some in the several erotic methods and techniques within the plan:

The Lust Mirror

The Lust Mirror is a technique that creates an opinions cycle of desire between you and your man – often ending in a volatile orgasm.

The Cuddle Hormone Technique

I would accept you should you decide said cuddling isn’t an extremely initial attraction method. However, this system explains the science behind it (many techniques!).

Cuddling secretes Oxytocin, which makes your man much less thinking about other females plus thinking about you.

Pavlov’s Erection Technique

The technique shows you terms which you only need to whisper to manufacture him get insane.

Creating men get crazy without touching him can feel like a magic secret.

The Madonna Moan

A great deal is going on underneath the surface if you are making love.

The effective strategy can make the man open up to you personally both physically and mentally between the sheets.

Communicative Viagra

Verbal Viagra explains ideas on how to boost male lust making use of simply terms.

This class by yourself helps make the plan worth buying.

The Porn Destroyer

You discover the easy phrase which can generate men turn fully off his porno and follow you into the bed room in seconds.

Erotic Telepathy

Learning the actual fantasies of one’s guy makes your sex life far more interesting.

After you utilize Erotic Telepathy, you’ll be able to to access all of your own mans sexual fantasies.

Want Seed

The Want Seed strategy achieves the contrary effect of Erotic Telepathy.

You learn to get what you would like from the man during sex – and make him get crazy for your family.

The Tease Intensifier

Teasing is ignored as insignificant, but Felicity thinks it’s underrated.

Learning to tease is actually an art which can “raise the temperature” in instants. The quick area could make you specialized immediately.

The Boiled Frog

Being shy is normal – but this technique explains to show on the man without experiencing ashamed whenever speaking dirty.

Together with the major eBook, this system boasts three no-cost incentives:

The favorable Girl’s self-help guide to Texting Dirty

The guide consists of 200 tried-and-tested filthy messages to send the guy in order to get him to lust when you.

You should not consider such a thing – the tips guide does all ‘dirty’ meet your needs.

Silent Seduction

Silent Seduction teaches you to seduce a man without ever before beginning orally. It is filled up with gestures methods which will build your guy go insane for your family.

Unstoppable Confidence

Unlike others two bonuses, Unstoppable Confidence is actually a downloadable MP3 program.

Famous commitment specialist Michael Fiore and relationship advisor Michael Griswold discuss just how females can accept their unique femininity and attain unbeatable self-confidence around guys.

The 90-minute audio system never ever becomes humdrum.

In which Is It Possible To discover the Language of need?

You can find The vocabulary of Desire on formal site:

It seems underpriced for what obtain, and I also discover the 60-day, no-questions-asked money back assurance very reassuring.

The Language of Desire Pros and Cons


  • Very very easy to follow
  • Science-backed advice
  • Includes a few techniques
  • Excellent price
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No tough content available
  • Writing is just a little sales-y


The Language of want never ever gets flowery – this program informs it like it is and brings no blows.

Becoming sexually unapologetic is nourishing, and Felicity’s candid method will teach you a lot.

For the money, this system is like a steal. Together with the 33 strategies, additionally you get three extra instructions and products that supplement this course contents. There are many areas into the system that separately allow it to be really worth the cash. Any lady seeking to turn-up the temperature will love this product.